Nearly three years later, Ignacio hasn’t returned. Whatever horror he endured, police believe it likely was over quickly.

But the nightmare left for his wife and six kids? It continues.

Why is government always so slow to act?

Tom AsimouPhoenix attorney Tom Asimou heard about the family’s situation and is volunteering his services to try to help. Asimou says courts have traditionally been slow to act in these cases, leaving families in legal limbo that is devastating not only emotionally but economically.

“There are 80,000 people missing in the US right now…,” he said. “That’s a city the size of Flagstaff. If a city of 80,000 people were missing in one place, wouldn’t our government be doing more or taking more action to address that?”

Traditionally, it takes five years before a person is declared legally dead. Asimou believes the circumstances in this case warrant action now.

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