For Legal Reasons, A Wife Fights To Be A Widow

By Michel Marizco
Fronteras Desk
November 9, 2016

At 2:45 in the afternoon, on Nov. 23, 2013, Ignacio Jimenez crossed the border from Douglas Arizona into Agua Prieta, Mexico. His family never saw him again.

It’s been three years and his wife Alicia Jimenez said she realized pretty quickly that her husband had disappeared for good.

“You’re never going ot believe this. But the next day. Something came out of my heart and I felt it. Eight o’clock in the night,” Jimenez said.

And now Jimenez needs to have her husband declared legally dead so she can collect Social Security.

By all accounts, Ignacio Jimenez led an unremarkable life: no criminal issues, he held a security clearance to work on the Fort Huachuca Army base as a janitor, the family owned a modest home in Sierra Vista, he drew an honest five figure salary. But at some point, facing a government furlough, Ignacio Jimenez made a decision.

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